Send Funds Instantly with Just an Email

Revolutionize Your Transactions - Experience Seamless and Instant Payments, No Complications, No Delays. It's as Easy as Sending an Email. A payment solution designed for the new internet.


🔑 Non-Custodial Wallets

Your funds, your control. Benefit from a non-custodial wallet, ensuring your financial independence.

⛽️ Gas-Less Transactions

Say goodbye to gas fees. Woople's account abstraction feature enables seamless transactions without the hassle of gas fees.

🤝 Flexible Escrow

Take charge of your financial agreements with Woople's flexible escrow feature, providing security and customization.

🚪 Effortless Sign-Up

Get started in minutes. Sign up with your email, and experience the future of seamless digital payments.

stable coins are the future of payments.

Swift and Seamless Transactions

Experience instant transactions with Woople's stable coin integration. Swift, secure, and hassle-free.

24/7 Accessibility

Initiate transactions anytime, anywhere. Woople ensures your funds are available around the clock.

The Future of Finance at Your Fingertips

Step into the future of finance with Woople. Seamless, instant transactions are now at your fingertips.

asking someone's email is the first thing we do

Send Funds with Just an Email

Harness the simplicity of email for sending funds. With Woople, you can send money to both registered and non-registered users using just their email address. No complex account details required.

Inclusive Transactions

Break down barriers. Woople allows you to send funds to anyone, whether they're part of the platform or not. Just enter their email, and they'll receive your payment notification.

Instant Notifications

Stay in the loop. Receive instant notifications when funds are sent or received, keeping you informed and in control of your transactions.